Now available!  Video-conferencing with NourishMentor from the comfort of your home or office.   Ask Ruth about using this option for any of the services below.

Intuitive Eating Coaching

Create a healthy relationship with food and your body through intuitive eating.  If you have been disappointed with weight loss diets, and want to stop allowing food to be a source of stress, this approach is for you. 
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Nutrition Therapy for Disordered Eating

When seeking recovery from disordered eating, nutrition assessment and treatment is essential. Ruth can help you discover and achieve balanced eating patterns that meet your needs.  
Anorexia Nervosa, Binge eating disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, and other patterns of disordered eating are addressed, with a long-term goal of enjoying lifelong intuitive eating.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition counseling provided for clients who have been referred by their physician to manage specific medical diagnoses through diet modifications.

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Wellness Coaching

Wellness is something most people seek, but sometimes it seems out of reach.  Often the barrier lies with lack of regular encouragement and support in your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.  If you need accountability and fresh ideas to keep you moving in the right direction, Ruth can help!  

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Faith-Based Nutrition Services

As a Christian, Ruth can help you seek God as your strength to embrace lasting healthul changes in your eating and exercise habits.  Any service offered by NourishMentor can be approached from a God-centered perspective, if requested.  
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Sports Nutrition Counseling

Gain a competitive edge in your sport through fueling your body strategically.  Ruth can help design a nutrition plan for your specific sport, position, and skill level.  

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